CARBOGEN AMCIS announces major investments of more than CHF 100 million in Switzerland and France

BUBENDORF, Switzerland (August 17, 2020) — Switzerland-based CARBOGEN AMCIS, a pharmaceutical process development and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and drug products manufacturing company, announced today new expansion plans in Switzerland and France. 

CARBOGEN AMCIS announces two major expansion projects that will increase manufacturing capacity to better meet the demands of the current market and its customers. The new facilities, located in Switzerland and France, will be phased in over the next four years, totaling investments in excess of CHF 100m (over €90 million). This follows six years of constant growth for the company.

In Switzerland, the project will be initiated in 2021 with construction of a new API manufacturing facility at its Hunzenschwil site. This project will progress in several phases. It is planned for this new unit to be operational by summer 2024.

“The facility is designed to provide space for CARBOGEN AMCIS to grow over the next 10 years with the initial phase comprising of 12 new vessels (from 630 liters to 4000 liters) and associated filtration and drying capabilities,” said Stephan Fritschi, vice president of operations. “We have an impressive pipeline, and now our customers can benefit from more diverse offerings.”

In addition to the new Swiss API manufacturing facility, additional investments are planned with a dedicated budget to improve some of the existing technologies and to increase the capacity of the current Swiss sites, such as adding chromatography equipment, new reactors in production and new laboratories.

In France, on newly acquired land located 7 km from an existing site in Riom, construction will begin in January 2021 with a new, state-of-the-art facility dedicated to custom development and manufacturing of parenteral drug products. This facility will allow handling complex formulations, including a large range of different types of APIs from biologics to any kind of highly potent compounds.

“After years of growth, it’s exciting to have reached our current production limits and to be able to expand our facilities and grow our capacity, which will match the future market demand,” said Pascal Villemagne, vice president of sales and marketing. “Our new facility in Riom will not only enable us to support more customers, but will also give them access to innovative fill and finish technologies.”

The new French site will be able to supply both clinical batches up to phase III and small-scale for commercial. There will be two automated lines: the first one for both liquid filling plus lyophilization and the second one dedicated to liquid forms. In addition, state-of-the-art development and analytical laboratories will be incorporated to support customer projects. Operations will commence during Q1 of 2023.

“Our objective is ambitious, nevertheless, we are taking a responsible approach to our growth in order to give the company and our employees a sustainable future. As an established leader in the pharmaceutical outsourcing industry for the past 40 years and with strong relationships with our customers, our company is ready to take this next step in capability and capacity. We are embarking on the expansions in order to secure CARBOGEN AMCIS’s position,” said Mark Griffiths, CARBOGEN AMCIS CEO.

Photo caption: The new facility in Riom, France will allow CARBOGEN AMCIS to support more customers and enables access to innovative fill and finish technologies.

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