Pascal Villemagne appointed new CARBOGEN AMCIS Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

BUBENDORF, Switzerland (March 31, 2022) — Switzerland-based CARBOGEN AMCIS, a pharmaceutical process development and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing company, announces that Pascal Villemagne has been named Chief Executive Officer, effective first of April

In his new role, Pascal Villemagne will be leading CARBOGEN AMCIS and its nine sites around the world. He will report to Arpit Vyas, Global Managing Director of Dishman Carbogen Amcis Ltd., CARBOGEN AMCIS’ parent company. Villemagne, who has served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CARBOGEN AMCIS for the past 11 years, replaces Mark Griffiths who announced his decision to retire.

“We are delighted that Pascal will be transitioning to this new position,” commented Arpit Vyas, Global Managing Director of Dishman Carbogen Amcis Ltd. “As head of sales and marketing, Pascal has contributed greatly to the company’s growth in recent years and he is well positioned to drive our team forward to further success. With tremendous joy, I congratulate Pascal, for all his achievements, including and especially, for finding and accepting this Exciting role of his Life and Career, within Our Family. I have nothing but, confidence, trust and belief in him, to lead the way towards an exciting Future.”

Before joining CARBOGEN AMCIS, Villemagne has had several experiences in the life science industry, amassed while serving in a variety of commercial leadership roles such as Vice President, Contract Manufacturing, at Farmhispania, an API contract manufacturing company based in Spain, Sales and Business Development Manager at Inabata and at Cambrex, as well as Raw Material Purchasing Manager at Sanofi-Aventis.

“CARBOGEN AMCIS is a major player and one of the leaders of the current CDMO in our industry, and this is the result of the engagement, hard work and expertise of its employees,” said Villemagne “That is why I am thrilled and especially proud to take over as CEO of CARBOGEN AMCIS. The company has grown significantly in the past years, and I look forward to continuing our successful journey together. I believe we have the best team to support us in our mission.”

“It is with mixed emotions that, after a 40-year career, including 21 years with CARBOGEN AMCIS, I have decided to retire,” said Griffiths. “It has been a privilege to work with this highly talented and motivated group. I would like to thank all of the employees for their commitment to each other and the company; it has enabled us to overcome many challenges over the years and I feel proud to have been part of that. I wish Pascal all the best in his new role and I have full confidence in his leadership.”

“I would like to recognize Mark’s hard work and achievements at the helm of CARBOGEN AMCIS,” said Vyas. “Mark has been an incredible leader and has contributed to the successful development of our company and I would like to thank him for his trust and commitment. 21 years of association and loyalty with a single Company is, as inspiring as it is, honourable, for the people and for the Company, likewise and respectively. We are nothing but and will, be grateful. We congratulate Mark and with all the best of wishes for all your future endeavours.”

CARBOGEN AMCIS will preserve full operational continuity during the transition and Griffiths will be available to provide guidance on matters related to the company until August 5, 2022.


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Pascal Villemagne
Pascal Villemagne