Dishman Carbogen Amcis Ltd Statement on COVID-19

Dear Customers and Partners,

We at Dishman Carbogen Amcis group of companies are taking the risks associated with COVID-19 very seriously, and have already implemented a set of measures aimed at limiting any risk to our employees, customers and patients. We have already established a dedicated working team who monitor the COVID-19 outbreak and all processes have been analyzed with regards to risks. This allows us to have all our operations running smoothly and we currently do not have an impact on our operations.

We are facing a unique situation in several of the countries where we have facilities. National governments are implementing measures and issuing advice to both companies and the public that will affect our organization. Nevertheless, we want to assure you that, even under these circumstances, we will continue our operations during this period of uncertainty for as long as it remains safe for our employees and/or physically possible within National Government regulations.

We continually assess the situation to ensure the continuity of our services to you.

To this end, we review daily the situation and all projects. If the situation on a daily basis would have any consequences for our work on your behalf, be assured that we will inform you, in an individual and personalized manner to discuss individual projects and plans. Accordingly, there is no need to request any further update at this time, your Project Manager or commercial contact will get in touch with you if at all necessary.

Again, we are committed to do everything possible to limit an impact this situation could have on your projects.

A summary of the measures already implemented by our teams to protect our employees and partners is attached to this letter.

I wish you and your families and colleagues all the very best, including good health, and sincerely hope that this situation will improve over the coming weeks and months. Our entire global team remains at your disposal for any questions you may have.

Mark C Griffiths
Global CEO
Dishman Carbogen Amcis Ltd

Actions already implemented:

1. Placing employees’ health, customers’ protection and patient safety first

  • Our employees receive regular updates and clear guidelines, especially hygiene requirements.
  • We have already taken measures to protect our employees at all our different locations, including limitation of contact (e.g. handshakes and other forms of physical greetings, …), quarantine of people coming back from high-risk areas, and installing disinfectant dispensers at site entrances.
  • Sick employees are not permitted to come on site. They must also inform HR of the state of their health.
  • We are following all local authorities’ recommendations and instructions to fight against virus propagation at all our site.
  • In the case of external visitors or third party contractors, the host/internal contact person is responsible for clarifying (in advance) whether the people stayed in or were in contact with persons from crisis areas in the last 14 days. In the event of suspected cases, the visit will be postponed. This procedure is under evaluation on a weekly basis and can be adjusted if the situation requires it.
  • All customer visits have been cancelled
2. A secure supply chain

Now as the pandemic status has been declared by the WHO the situation is considered as a Force Majeure situation. We do every effort to keep our supply chain channels open. Our supply chain has been assessed and we do not see any short-term risk of product shortage, because a large part of it is integrated within our group of companies.
3. Avoiding unnecessary risks
  • All our meetings are to be conducted over teleconferences to limit face-to-face assemblies (e.g., restriction of travel between sites excepted for emergencies.
  • Business trips are not permitted
  • We are moving to home office work for employees who are able to do so in order to minimize direct close personal contact with colleagues. Any colleagues in contact with the crisis area or suspected of being infected are required to remain at home and self-isolate.

As a general reminder, even under normal conditions outside of pandemic periods, all our workers operate according to standard manufacturing procedures and apply to quality standards/SOPs dedicated to hygiene, (Personnel Hygiene, Clothing Policy and Industrial Hygiene) that maintains a high standard level of protection for people and products.